As Brownstone Private Security continues to grow our footprint in the AZ area, we continue to build a team of exceptional security officers.

This month, we are taking time to highlight more officers than we have before, who really stood out in the month of August.

Thank you to the following Employee of the Month:

Jabir Anderyous – Our only Employee of the Month for August. Thank you Officer Anderyous for constantly offering to help and being a team player. Officer Anderyous is great at training new hires and comes through on short notice for various tasks. He has proven to be a very dependable member of our BPS Team.

Additionally, BPS likes to give out certificate awards for officers that perform above their regular duties and come through in everyday ways.

Here are the following people who won our Recognition Award for August:

Abdirizak Sugule – Officer Sugule is incredibly dependable and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Courtney Martin – Officer Martin is a testament to flexibility and versatility. Her schedule has fluctuated recently, yet she has remained dedicated and focused in all her duties.

Joel Stowe – Officer Stowe is a reliable member of our BPS Team. We are grateful to have his dedication and knowledge on our side.

Katherine Garcia – Officer Garcia consistently shows a strong work ethic and commitment to her team.

Marval Polk – Officer Polk has done a great job in stepping forward when challenges arise.

Ryan Senff – Officer Senff has been incredibly resourceful when covering different shifts. His ability to learn quickly and jump into each location have been incredibly helpful for the whole BPS Team.