Access Control
Ensure the safety of your facilities, employees and guests by regulating incoming and outgoing people, vehicles and goods. Create physical barriers, check-in points and more. 

Surveillance areas with cameras, recorders and the use of monitoring displays. 

Get a birds eye view with the latest in drone technology. Fast deployment and ability to track targets. 

Online Reporting
Access the latest reports and analytics on your mobile device, computers, and more. Get real-time updates and identify problem areas faster. 

Portable Video Surveillance Units
Fast deployment of multi-function surveillance units. They are weather resistant and the perfect solution for short-term and long-term needs.

Remote Video Monitoring & Virtual Guards
Monitor your facilities remotely while still maintaining an in-person view. 

Robot/Autonomous Security
Ensure the safety of your facilities, employees and guests through the use of robotic security. They provide mobile video surveillance, patrol services and concierge services. 

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)
Identify and remove any found/unwanted bugs for video/audio surveillance. 

Video Surveillance
Our team of experts can perform a site survey to determine the best locations for video surveillance. Monitor multiple areas at once and deter any potential offenders through continuous monitoring. 

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