All Brownstone Private Security team members, subsidiaries and subcontractors are expected to adhere to the principles and procedures established by our Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics embodies BPS’s commitment to conduct business professionally, respectfully, ethically and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules and regulations.

Commitment to our Clients – All efforts are made to contribute to the success of our clients. Our client’s interests are priority, with the exception of a client being involved in illegal or unethical behavior.

Competent Team – BPS team members and subcontractors will represent themselves in a professional manner and deliver all services with expertise. BPS members should never attempt to provide services they are not qualified for or without qualified supervision.

Compliance & Regulation – BPS team members and subcontractors must comply with all government laws, rules and regulations in all activities. Members and subcontractors will avoid any activities that may lead to a unlawful situations.

Confidentiality – BPS team members and subcontractors consider all BPS and client information to be proprietary and confidential. As such, the release of information is prohibited and the client, supplier, and vendor are protected.

Conflicts of Interest – BPS team members and subcontractors will avoid any conflicts of interest that may result in personal influences/relationships that affect their ability to act in the best interest of BPS and their clients.

Corporate Opportunities – BPS team members and subcontractors are prohibited from taking a business opportunity for themselves, that was discovered through the relationship with Brownstone Private Security or BPS’s property. Members and subcontractors owe a duty to BPS to advance business interests when an opportunity arises.

Fair Dealing –  BPS team members and subcontractors will deal fairly with clients, suppliers, vendors and anyone encountered throughout the course of business.

Illegal/Unethical Behavior –BPS team members and subcontractors are required to report suspected or actual illegal/unethical activity related to business immediately.

Intellectual Property – BPS team members and subcontractors must take proactive action to protect intellectual property owned by Brownstone Private Security and its clients.

Proper Use of, and Protection of, Company Property – All BPS team members and subcontractors take precautions to protect BPS assets and ensure the proper and efficient use of such assets.

Respect and Diversity – All cultures and people are respected and great value is placed on diversity. All BPS team members and subcontractors understand that variations of business and cultures exist within clients, vendors and operating locations.

Workplace Practices – BPS is committed to maintaining a work environment that is free of any discrimination, harassment and is safe for all employees.